Petrol prices fall to €1.30 per liter; lowest since 2010

Petrol Pump (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Rama)Petrol Pump (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Rama)

Petrol prices in the Netherlands dropped to 1.30 euros per liter for the first time in six years today, the Telegraaf reports.

Consumers can fill up their tanks at 1.30 euros per liter at gas stations in Balkburg, OverIjssel and in Winschoten and Grijpskerk in Groningen. Elswhere in the country the price is only a cent or two higher.

Diesel prices also dropped further in recent weeks. Consumers can refill their diesel vehicles for 95 cents per liter at a handful of stations.

The price drop is due to the massive fall in oil prices over the past weeks. While gasoline prices mostly consist of taxes and excise duties, the oil price still has an effect on it.