Wilders’ ex-lawyer Moszkowicz dropped as nationalist party leader

Bram Moszkowicz
(photo: Bram Moszkowicz / Twitter)(photo: Bram Moszkowicz / Twitter)

Former lawyer Bram Moszkowicz is no longer party leader for the VNL. The party management said goodbye to him on Wednesday because he lacks "outspoken commitment to politics", according to the party's press release. Party members told the Limburger that Moszkowicz was unreliable, took the wrong standpoints in interviews and didn't read the files the VNL gave him.

"After consultation it turned out that the management and Mr. Moszkowics have different expectations as to the details of the party leadership", the press release reads. "The management notes that Mr Moszkowics remained behind in making his own files and in the carrying out the broadest sense of the VNL-messsage."

The VNL had high hopes in appointing Geert Wilders' former lawyer as leader of the relatively unknown party. A well known face could help gain parliamentary seats and prevent the party from dying a silent death. And at first it seemed to work. After a few media appearances the polls showed two seats. But it was not to last, according to the newspaper.

Despite various reprimands, Moszkowics seemed unable to remember what VNL points to make in interviews. When he showed up to the party meetings at all, he did not know what they are talking about. "In November and December he simply did not answer the phone", a person involved in the party said to the Limburger. "Literally. For two months he was completely unreachable."

The driving forces behind the party - former PVV members Laurence Stassen, Joram van Klaveren and Johan Driessen - decided that enough is enough. According to the newspaper, the conversation only lasted about four minutes and ended with Moszkowicz storming out, refusing even to shake his now former party members' hands. "Well, then we have nothing more to talk about", he said.


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