Family: Police chokehold death requires independent investigation

Mitch Henriques (Picture: Facebook/Mitch Henriquez)Mitch Henriques (Picture: Facebook/Mitch Henriquez)

Mitch Henriquez' family want an independent investigation into his death in police custody. The 42 year old Aruban man passed away last year after a police officer used a chokehold on him during his arrest.

The family's lawyer Richard Korver wrote a letter to Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice asking him to intervene in this case.

On EenVandaag the lawyer said that he is "more and more" amazed about the way justice is handling the case. The family wants an independent inquiry committee to make sure that the investigation into the five officers suspected in Henriquez' death is done fairly and honestly.

According to the lawyer, the Henriquez family has little confidence in the judiciary and their investigation. Partly because the five suspected officers are not in custody and thus have "freedom to consult on the matter". This is at odds with the principles of finding the truth. The officers are also represented by the same law firm assisting witnesses, which "looks like conflict of interest", according to Korver.