Jihad expert linked to Dutch univ. accused of aiding terror suspect

Belgian jihad expert Montasser AIDe'emeh was arrested in his home in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek in Brussels on Monday. The Belgian police suspects that he gave a false written statement for a jihad suspect at the request of the suspect's imam brother, the Volkskrant reports.. AIDe'emeh is affiliated with the Radboud University in Nijmegen as an "outside researcher".

AlDe'emeh owns and runs a knwoledge center where he helps young people deradicalize.

In November the Belgian intelligence services received information that jihad suspect Jawad Ouchan planned to leave for Syria soon and arrested him. Ouchan's brother Khalid Ouchan, the new imam of Mechelen, asked Alde'emeh to write a document indicating that Jawad underwent such a deradicalization program, according to the newspaper.

AIDe'emeh did just that and, according to the Belgian authorities, the false document was used by the prospective Foreign Terrorist Fighter's lawyer in court.

According to the Volkskrant, AIDe'emeh is connected to the Radboud University as an "outside researcher", which means that the is doing his PhD research through the university, but is not employed by the university.

A spokesperson for the university told the newspaper that they will not be breaking ties with AIDe'emeh for the time being. "It is a police matter, we do not know the facts. The police investigation should show what is going on", the spokesperson said.