Ice-covered roads cause dozens of car accidents

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The ice covered roads in the northern parts of the Netherlands caused dozens of car accidents so far.

A truck ended up in a ditch on the A1 near Hoevelaken early on Tuesday Morning, AD reports. The accident happened around 2:30 a.m. between Barneveld and Hoevelaken. The truck driver escaped uninjured. The truck will be towed away on Tuesday night.

In a chain collision on the A67 near the Eersel exit on Tuesday morning one car shot off a bank, fell 10 meters and ended with its nose in a ditch, according to Omroep Brabant. The driver walked away with only minor injuries that were treated in an ambulance. Three cars and a van were involved in this accident.


There were eight accidents on the A32 on Monday night and Tuesday morning, according to the traffic information service VID, the Telegraaf reports. In one accident a police car was severely damaged.

There were at least 11 accidents on the A28.. In most of the accidents there was only minor damage. At least two trucks and one car went off the road on the A7 and the VID received reports of eight accidents on this highway.

The Rijkswaterstaat deployed dozens of gritters to sprinkle salt on the roads on Tuesday night, but still advises motorists not to get on the road if it is not absolutely necessary. The police advice motorists to adjust their speeds and keep a safe following distance.