McDonald’s worker fired after breaking up attack on twin sisters

Odividiu van den Berg was fired from the McDonald's restaurant on Coolsingel in Rotterdam one day after he intervened in an attack on twin sisters. He believes he was fired because he broke up the fight, he told newspaper AD.

Twin sisters Meril and Karlin Hollingsworth visited the restuarant with a number of friends in the early morning hours of Wednesday after a night out. About six young men immediately started throwing them with french fries. When they tried to leave the restaurant, they were attacked. Ovidiu intervened when Karlin ended up on the floor and they men kept kicking her.

On his next shift, later on Wednesday, Ovidiu was told that he was fired. "I was told by my manager that with this action a put myself and the staff in danger. My trial period was terminated. I could not believe what I was hearing! I could drop off my stuff the next day, December 31st." he said to the newspaper.

Ovidiu told his story on Facebook. The tale was shared more than 33 thousand time and got many outraged responses. Karlin Hoolignsworth, one of the victims, can also not believe that he was fired "His dismissal is really weird. If he had not literally pulled me away from it, I would have been a lot worse off. I might not have survived.", the 24 year old woman said to the newspaper. "The rest of the business did nothing at all, luckily Ovidiu jumped in as the first to intervene."

The McDonald's headquarters in Amsterdam denies Ovidiu's claim. "Terminating his trial period is separate from this one incident and that we personally explained to him", the headquarters said in a statement. Edwin Ooms, the franchisee of the Coolsingel McDonald's, agrees. "We thanked him, and he knows that very well", he said to AD. "His trial period was over. It is an unfortunate coincidence. I'll leave it at that."