Lottery player’s million-euro "win" wiped out; Lawsuit planned

Postcode Lottery (Photo: @PostcodeLoterij/Twitter). (Postcode Lottery (Photo: @PostcodeLoterij/Twitter))

Postcode lottery loser Kamal Maihouane is considering legal steps against the Lottery after he was not considered for the draw because he did not have enough money in his account, L1 reports.

Maihouane participated in the lottery for three years, and when the street he lives on in Sittard was the winning street, he thought he was a millionaire with his neighbors. But it was not to be. At the end of last year he did not have enough money in his account for the lottery to go off, so he did not participate when the prize fell on his post code.

The lottery organization told the Limburg broadcaster that it is "obviously very annoying" that he is missing out on the millions, but there is very little they can do for him. "It is the participant's responsibility to ensure that there is enough money in the account" Marijn van Klaveren of the Postcode Lottery said. "We make several attempts to debit money. If it does not succeed, you get no warning and you do not participate."