Most students find teachers computer illiterate

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The national action committee for students LAKS launched the hotline "Help! My teacher is computer illiterate" on Monday after a study among 66 thousand high school students revealed that less than half are satisfied with their teachers' IT skills. A fifth even found that their teachers do not know how to deal with IT, AD reports

Some of the comments included teachers not knowing how to start a YouTube video, having to call an IT colleague because they cannot find the sound button or handing out tablets without knowing how they can improve the lesson.

From Monday students can report their complaints to the LAKS hotline. The committee will collect the complaints and hand it over to the school boards and teacher training programs. "I think it is good that schools are increasingly using IT, but teachers must be able to deal with it", LAKS chairman Andreij Josic said to the newspaper. "We will not burn or call teachers, but we do want to give them the students' opinion. They know best what is going right and wrong in the classroom."

LAKS hopes that this will result in school boards sending their teachers on good courses to improve their skills. "The new teachers are probably already being trained in IT in the teacher training colleges. We hope that the older teachers will also brush up their skills so that the lessons will be better."


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