Murder in front of Zaandam school, Diemen shooting linked: Prosecutors

Lucas Boom murder in Zaandam
Gunman firing at Lucas Boom in Zaandam (Picture: Twitter)Gunman firing at Lucas Boom in Zaandam (Picture: Twitter)

The police and judiciary believe that the orders for the assassination of Amsterdam criminal Lucas Boom and attempted assassination on another Amsterdam criminal Peter R. came from the same place, Het Parool reports.

According to the newspaper, two suspects, 33 year old A.M. and 26 year old Q.C., are currently in custody for both crimes.

Lucas Boom was gunned down with automatic weapons in broad daylight in Zaandam on June 9th, while kids from two elementary schools played nearby. On November 5th Peter R. was also attacked with automatic weapons in the middle of the day while he sat on his car. He survived the attack.

The evening of the failed assassination attempt on R., the police arrested four men - A.M., Q.C., K.S. and a man known in the underworld as Rambo. The first three are still in custody. Rambo was released, but remains a suspect.

Early in December the police announced that four suspects were arrested on suspicion of involvement in Boom's arrest. They were two Amsterdammers, 34 year old R.D. and 23 year old G.L., who are still in custody, and two 29 year olds from The Hague, who were released after questioning. The two Amsterdammers are suspected of involvement in the assassination. The two from The Hague are suspected of supplying the getaway car, though possibly without knowing what the buyers were going to use it for.

About two weeks ago the Public Prosecutor a 33 year old man and a 26 year old man, both from Amsterdam, were also arrested for involvement in Boom's assassination. According to Het Parool, these two suspects are A.M. and Q.C., already in custody for the attempted assassination on R. They were arrested in their cells.