Son: Mom's last wish was to hide corpse in house

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Piet van Molen, kept his mother's body hidden in a box in the Oirsbeek home they shared for two and a half years because she asked him to do so. The 62 year old man told his story to Hart van Nederland after the police released him on Tuesday.

"Your supposed to give up a deceased. But I chose not to do that. I promised her", Van Molen said. He told how he heard his mother give her last breath in July 2013 and he decided not to report it to the authorities. "Because my mother asked me a week before her death not to call a doctor, because she didn't want to go to the hospital. She also said: 'boy, don't tell anyone that I'm dead'. She didn't want me to end up in trouble." the man said on the program. "She did not want me to have to give up the house, to be unable to care for the cats and to live on benefits."

The added that he often went to look in on her and wished her good night. "I loved her very much." he said. "I never doubted my actions, otherwise I wouldn't have kept going for so long." and added. "It was not normal what I did. And I know that."

The police arrested Van Molen on Wednesday last week after a tip from a concerned neighbor. On Thursday they discovered the box, believed to contain the remains of the elderly woman. A scan revealed that the box indeed contains human remains. The Netherlands Forensic Institute is currently working on identifying the victim.

Van Molen was released on Tuesday. He is not currently suspected of murder or manslaughter. "We found insufficient evidence that his mother was murdered", a police spokesperson said to AD. "We talked extensively with the man. If more information comes to light, we will certainly look at it."