Nico V., the “Terror of Hoorn,” reportedly arrested in finance investigation

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The police raided several locations in Hoorn, Zwaag and Oosterblokker on Thursday morning in connection with a "financial investigation". Well-known criminal Nico V. was arrested in one of these raids, the Telegraaf reports based on confidential sources.

A spokesperson for the police confirmed to news wire ANP that the raids were done as part of a "financial investigation", but would not confirm whether or not Nico V. was in fact arrested.

Nico V. is also known as the "Terror of Hoorn". V. was good friends with the criminal Sam Klepper, who was murdered in 2000. For years Justice tried to prosecute Nico V. for the failed attack on Cor van Hout in 2000, but although there was a lot of evidence that V. was involved, the case was eventually dismissed.

Elsevier reports that this investigation has to do with the fire at V.'s farmhouse in Zwaag last year. According to the news agency, the judiciary is trying to prevent V. getting his hands on insurance money for the farm through his girlfriend and her mother.