Gay-bashing asylum seekers should be deported, Amsterdam politician says

Amsterdam councilor Dilan Yesilgoz-Zegerius thinks that asylum seekers who threaten or discriminate against fellow refugees because of their sexual orientation, should be deported immediately, AT5 reports.

"You fled your country because you cannot safely be yourself in your own country. How do you get it into your head then to threaten and intimidate anyone else for what he or she is." the VVD councilor said to the news agency. "For me the conversation ends there. Step out of the asylum procedure, we won't take it into consideration and for me they are definitely sent back."

The VVD councilor calls it unacceptable that asylum seekers in Amsterdam centers are faced with violence and intolerance. She plans to pay urgent attention to the matter at the upcoming council meeting on December 16th and 17th, she told Het Parool.

The VVD faction in the city wants to know what concrete reasons led to the the decision to. The party also wants to know what steps will be taken against the perpetrators.