Workers fired in mink farm abuse; Authorities investigate disturbing video

Rosmalen based mink farm Rios Mink summarily dismissed three employees after a video showed them violently throwing the animals in a gas box. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, NVWA, is investigating.

The video was secretly filmed by activists from foundation Animal Rights last week and released on Monday, according to Omroep Brabant. It shows three employees standing around a gas box. Two of them violently pull minks from a cage and throw them into the gas box. At one point a mink falls to the ground and one of the employees steps on it before throwing it into the box, hitting the side in the process.

"This behavior is of course not tolerated", owner of Rios Mink said to the broadcaster, confirming that the three people involved were fired with immediate effect.

The foundation sent the footage to the NVWA along with a complaint and the authority launched an investigation into the company on Monday.