Ajax fans expected to riot in Glasgow; Police step up protection

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Football hooligans supporting Amsterdam club Ajax are expected to instigate multiple violent clashes in Scotland on Wednesday night, police in Glasgow told local newspaper Evening Times. Officers are concerned about Ajax fans arriving in Glasgow in advance of the Dutch team’s Europa League match against Celtic.

“We’ve received intelligence to suggest there may be some pre-panned disorder,” an unnamed source told the paper. ”The information indicates the trouble could take place on Wednesday night. It's vital we stay one step ahead and disrupt any planned hooligan activity before it takes place.”

Security was increased in Glasgow, and police will be assisted by Dutch investigators with knowledge of Amsterdam hooligans, the source said. The police decided to be particularly noticeable after they were alerted to a possible confrontation.

Violent clashes between supporters of the two clubs included a particularly rough confrontation near Dam Square in 2013 between fans of both sides and Dutch police. Eight officers were hurt, 44 people were arrested of which 28 supported Celtic.

However, 200 complaints of police brutality were levied against Dutch authorities for the way they handled the incidents.

Ajax was fined 25 thousand euro for fans who ten unfurled an offensive banner about Celtic. Later, five Celtic fans were sent to jail for their roles in the brawl.


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