Police union: 1,500 more cops needed in fight terrorism

To avoid a security crisis and effectively fight terrorism, the police will need 1,500 extra officers and heavier weapons in the short term, according to police union ACP. With the current capacity and armament, the police won't be able to cope against terrorists.

"The 1,500 is the minimum. Because we see that it costs so much capacity that it comes at the expense of other police duties", ACP president Gerrit van de Kamp said to BNR. "We see see that these sorts of attacks and incidents can happen very fasts in various places. The colleagues want to feel that they can defend themselves."

The ACP president believes that the problems caused by terrorism won't disappear quickly. "Everyone can see and feel that the problems and risks are increasing significantly and that you should be able to defend yourself, in a way that fits with the law. With the resources and possibilities we have. The need for it is awfully clear", Van de Kamp said to the broadcaster. "So we need to ask ourselves if things will keep going well in the future. Investments are really needed."

According to the union, the money for the extra officers and weapons should come from the 5 billion euros in tax breaks the government has planned.