Auction of oyster with 21 pearls inside disappoints

Ten pearls found in a single oyster (Picture: Twitter/@viswinkel)21 pearls found in a single oyster (Picture: Twitter/@viswinkel)

The remarkable Zeeland oyster containing 21 pearls sold for 2,600 euros at an auction in the Vendeuhuis in The Hague on Thursday. The amount was somewhat disappointing to the finders, who had hoped to get around 4,600 for the oyster.

The oyster was donated to the natural history museum Naturalis after the auction, Omroep Zeeland reports. Part of the money raised will be donated to charity.

The oyster was found in Zeeland in August. At first glance it seemed to contain 10 pearls, which is already unique. But further investigation showed that it actually contained a remarkable 21 pearls.