Brabant man murdered over naked photos

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Koen Kevenaar, the 40 year old man whose body was found in an apartment in Rijen on Friday, may have been murdered because of naked photos he had in his possession.

Acquaintances of the suspect, Danny H., said this to the Telegraaf. On Thursday night H. would have warned Kevenaar not to do anything with the nude photos of one of H.'s relatives. This would have gotten out of hand.

Kevenaar's body was found in H.'s apartment on Breebroek. H. was the one to phone it in on Friday morning. According to the newspaper, he told the emergency services that he came home after spending the night with his girlfriend and found Kevenaar dead in the hallway. Kevenaar had been living with H. for about two weeks after he became homeless.

H. was initially taken to the police station to be questioned as a witness. On Friday evening he was arrested as a suspect. He is still in custody.

Local residents told Omroep Brabant that drug deals regularly went down in the apartment and that there were frequent noise disturbances.



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