Previously unseen Karel Appel painting donated to Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum

Karel Appel. Staande in de ruimte no 3
Standing in the room no 3 by Karel Appel (Photo: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam). (Standing in the room no 3 by Karel Appel (Photo: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam))

The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam has received a never before seen painting from Karel Appel - the 2004 painting titled, “Standing in the room no.3”. The painting was donated by the Karel Appel Foundation and dates back to the last years of the artist's life.

Head of collections at the museum Bert Rutten said on the museum's website, “The work is a nice continuation of Appel's ensembles of paintings from the mid-90’s that were landscapes of Tuscany, Horizon in Tuscany and Red Kangaroo in Tuscany (1995).”

Appel did much of his work in his last years painting and living in Switzerland.

Appel is a great artist and a pioneer, according to director Beatrix Ruf adding that the city has many of his works in their collection, demonstrating his versatility. Rudi Fuchs of the Appel Foundation notes the intertwined history of Appel and the city in the 50’s, hence the Stedeljik Museum holding the most important collection of his works.