Very high STD rate among Limburg male prostitutes

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A shocking number of male prostitutes in Limburg who find their customers online have a sexually transmitted disease.

This is according done to a study done by public health service GGD Zuid Limburg, in which researchers approached male sex workers online and asked them to come for a STD-test, Dagblad De Limburger reports.

212 consultations with these sex workers revealed a very high STD score - more than one STD was diagnosed in 40 percent of the consultations. By comparison, a similar study among female sex workers found an STD score of 9 percent.

These shocking figures also translated to the HIV risk in these men. The researchers found HIV infections in 8 percent of the STD consultations with the male exports. Eleven of the men already had AIDS in their bodies.

The study also revealed that 40 percent of the male escorts provided services to more than 50 men in 6 months, dramatically increasing the risk of STD infections.

The GGD immediately started treating several of the STD's they encountered "Chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis. For HIV we had to refer them to the Maastricht University Medical Center", Christian Hoebe, co-author of the study, said to the newspaper.