Most Amsterdam Dance Event arrests involved foreigners

Amsterdam Dance Event 2015 (Photo: Twitter/@ADE_NL). (Amsterdam Dance Event 2015 (Photo: Twitter/@ADE_NL))

Of the 176 people arrested around the Amsterdam ArenA during the Amsterdam Dance Event, prosecutors are pressing cases against 39 for drug possession. Prosecutors say 19 people paid fines on the spot, while the rest either received fines or court dates.

Only 60 of those arrested reside in the Netherlands, newswire ANP reported. Just over three percent, or six cases, did not involve drugs.

A fast-track court setup at the Arena quickly handled the 176 cases. It was the first time a defense attorney was included in the speedy prcess.

Most of the drug arrests involved less than five ecstasy pills or under a half-gram of hard drugs. In those cases, the drugs were seized but detainees were released.

This decision was consistent with the in relation to the 2015 ADE. City hall, healthcare groups, policy organizations and the festival were trying to prevent the tragedy around the 2014 edition when .

The police previously reported that 250 people were arrested in connection with the festival, which took place at several locations across the city from October 14 - 18. Organizers claimed people.