Security service was against corrupt cop’s hiring

The general intelligence and security service AIVD was against the hiring of the police officer who is now suspected of selling information on criminal investigations to the underworld on a large-scale. The police seems to have ignored this negative opinion when hiring him.

On Wednesday RTL Nieuws identified the suspected mole as 28 year old Mark M. from Weert. He worked at the national investigative service of the National Police. M. was arrested on September 29th on suspicion of corruption and money laundering. Upon his arrest, the police seized 235 thousand euros in cash and drugs from his home in Weert. The police also found police information in his home which they believe he still wanted to sell.

Judicial sources now told NRC that the AIVD would not issue security clearance for the man after examination of his environment and personal financial information. Yet the now 28 year old man still managed to be appointed as a trainee officer in 2009. The police are now investigating how the screening could have gone so wrong.

The National Investigation Service and Public Prosecutor are currently still busy investigating which criminal cases Mark M. actually leaked. There are major concerns about the damage this corruption has done to those cases. The investigation is being handled by the Public Prosecutor in Oost-Brabant in cooperation with the national office in Rotterdam.