Asylum rescue center attacked: concerns raised, arrests made

An attack on an emergency refugee center in Woerden on Friday night has led to the arrest of 11 suspects. A group of around 20 people, wearing balaclavas, bombarded the refugee center with eggs and fireworks and broke down the fencing surrounding the shelter.

“It was a sick group. You can be for or against, but this kind of action will not be tolerated.” Woerden Mayor Victor Molkenboer said about the incident, according to RTL Nieuws. Security measures have been tightened with increased police surveillance and the installation of additional security cameras around the sports hall in Snellerpoort in which the shelter is located.

Mayor Melkenboer also added that many victims from the attack reacted emotionally and with shock, as most of them have come from war zones.

On Sunday the police stated that they hope the 11 arrested suspects will provide information that will lead to the arrest of the other gang members. According to the police, the group was trying to enter the sports hall, but were unsuccessful.

Officials have said that this is the worst case of violence against asylum seekers they have seen to date. Labour MP Ahmed Marcouch Tweeted the assault as “unacceptable”, commenting that “Hard action must be taken against this scum.”