Maastricht suspect arrested trying to join ISIS

Suspected jihadist Mohammed G. from Maastricht was again arrested in his hometown on Friday for trying to join terrorist organization Islamic State in Syria or Iraq.

According to the Public Prosecutor's National Office, the 26 year old man was planning to travel to Syria or Iraq and was looking for a false passport, 1Limburg reports. A spokesperson told the newspaper that the criminal investigation was launched based on official reports received from intelligence service AIVD this summer.

Earlier this year G. traveled to Iraq to try and join ISIS, according to statements he made on social media. He failed and returned to Maastricht in the spring. G. was arrested late in April on suspicion of preparing for or participating in terrorist activities. He was released again two weeks later after the judge determined that their was insufficient evidence to prove the allegations. His passport remained confiscated.

In 2013 G. was convicted for planning a trip to join the jihad. He was declared completely unaccountable and was sentenced to time in a psychiatric clinic.