Zwolle baker's wedding ring lost in dough was a prank

Stadsbakker Arend and Annemiek
Stadsbakker Arend Kisteman and his wife, Annemiek (photo: Stadsbakker)Stadsbakker Arend Kisteman and his wife, Annemiek (photo: Stadsbakker)

News that a bakery owner in Zwolle had lost his wedding ring while kneading dough just one week after his marriage turned out to be a prank. Arend Kisteman of the Stadsbakker said that he had never worn a ring before getting married on September 26, and that he thought that if he took it off he might lose it.

He said he pulled the prank on his customers to recreate an urban legend, according to the Telegraaf, which accused him of engaging in a publicity stunt.

Although most of the dough is kneaded with machinery, dough with filling inside needs to be kneaded by hand to ensure that the filling is evenly distributed. It was during this process that Kisteman claimed the ring is vanished. Altogether Stadsbakker made between 80 and 90 kilograms of dough Monday, part of which was baked and sold, while the rest was left to cool.

Kisteman said that it would be a shame to throw all that dough away and appealed to customers to keep a vigilant eye out for the ring, hoping that it would be discovered when the bread was cut, rather than having a customer choke on the ring.

An "urban legend" in Dutch is called a "broodje aap-verhaal," literally translated as a "monkey sandwich tale." The phrase comes from an urban legend about a restaurant that sold sandwiches made from monkey meat.