Amsterdam man held in two assassinations, posb. link to murdered clinic executive

Mental health clinic director Rob Zweekhorst, gunned down on January 1, 2014 in a possible case of mistaken identity (Picture: Politie). (Mental health clinic director Rob Zweekhorst, gunned down on January 1, 2014 in a possible case of mistaken identity (Picture: Politie))

A thirty-year-old man was arrested by authorities last Monday as a suspect in two street killings and two attempted assassinations. The man is held in a June 2013 shooting death of Gilbert R. in Nieuwegein which injured another, the murder cases of Rinus Moerer, 68, in Steenbergen, Noord-Brabant in April 2014, and in connection with the case of 44-year-old GGZ mental-health director Rob Zweekhorst, who was shot dead in what investigators maintained was a case of mistaken identity.

The prosecutor told newswire ANP that the man in custody is not suspected in Zweekhorst's death, though investigators believe Zweekhorst was possibly confused for Moerer at the time of his murder.

Zweekhorst was shot in the evening hours of New Year's Day, 2014. After Moerer was killed, police said they were looking into a possible connection between the two. An investigation is on-going into Zweekhorst's murder, but the 30-year-old is also considered a suspect in an earlier assassination attempt on Moerer.

He is suspected of being a key factor in a major cocaine seizure at the port of Rotterdam in December 2013.

Back in June, police arrested Dennis van den B., a 44-year-old who was considered a possible underworld target who could have been confused for Zweekhorst. He is also suspected of involvement in the 300 kilograms of cocaine found at the Rotterdam port, along with his ex-partner, a woman held on money laundering charges earlier this year.

Separately, Gilbert R. was 34 when he was shot dead in Nieuwegein, an incident that saw bullets fly through the neighborhood. A 23-year-old from Utrecht who was down the street in the wrong place at the wrong time was struck in the arm by a stray bullet.

The Amsterdam suspect was also linked to an April 2014 shooting in the Hague, where another man narrowly escaped with his life when he was shot several times from behind.

Though he was arrested on September 21, the jailing was not revealed as police were continuing their investigation, the newswire said.