Salafism a concern in Netherlands but no evidence of ISIS among refugees

Asylum seekers crossing the Mediterranean sea (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Vito Manzari)Asylum seekers crossing the Mediterranean sea (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Vito Manzari)

Dutch security services remain concerned by elements of an ultra-conservative orthodoxical Salafist movement in the Netherlands, the AIVD announced Thursday. Despite this, the agency along with counter-terrorism office NCTV said it saw no evidence of ISIS operatives using refugee status to sneak into the Netherlands and wreak havoc.

With an increase in the range of Salafists messages there are fears of the spread of the ideology in its bid to grow potential supporters. Fears arise from the intolerance, social tensions, and conflict with Dutch democracy and rule of law that could potentially rise from these principles of faith.

Simultaneously the AIVD, which investigates both groups and individuals that distribute an anti-democratic, intolerant and polarizing message within the Netherlands, told De Volkskrant that it has no indications that the Islamic State, or any other jihadist groups have tried to send combatants through asylum routes in Europe.

NCTV coordinator Dick Schoof said that the guise of humanitarian aid used by combatants is not yet visible in the Netherlands. A similar sentiment was expressed by Danish security agency chief Finn Borch Andersen, who said earlier this week they have no information about group of ISIS combatants among refugees.

Andersen noted the high risk of detection along the migratory routes into Europe as a reason ISIS is likely avoiding the method.