Lawyer: Kickboxer Badr Hari convicted by media in assault case

Badr Hari
Badr Hari on Dec. 16, 2016PaulblankWikimedia CommonsCC-BY-SA

Benedicte Ficq, the lawyer representing kickboxer Badr Hari in the appeal against his sentence in the assault case against him, thinks that Hari has systematically been convicted as guilty in the media and on social media. 

She said this in the Amsterdam court on Friday, the last trial day in the appeal, the Telegraaf reports.

"Rats crawled out of all the cracks and holes", the lawyer said. Adding that the Public Prosecutor also got carried away by the hysteria surrounding this case. "This case is serious, but not exceptionally serious. There is no gruesome murder. But that the prosecution got carried away is clearly visible in the excess of files filled with tapping reports."

On Wednesday the Public Prosecutor demanded that Hari be sentenced to three years in prison. The Prosecutor holds the kickboxer responsible for a series of assaults at Amsterdam parties and clubs, including that of Koen Everink at the Sensation festival in the Amsterdam Arena in 2012.


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