Kickboxer breaks silence in assault appeal, calls accuser a "liar"

Badr Hari
Badr Hari on Dec. 16, 2016PaulblankWikimedia CommonsCC-BY-SA

Badr Hari appeared in the court in Amsterdam on Tuesday for the appeal against his sentence for a series of aggravated assaults. After hours of invoking his right to remain silent during the treatment of the appeal, the 30 year old kickboxer finally decided to talk.

Due to Hari's insistence to remain silent for most of the trial, the court could quickly go through all the charges against him, AD reports. This includes the assault on businessman Koen Everink during the dance festival Sensation in the Amsterdam Arena in August 2012.

After that assault, the court also treated incidents at Jimmy Woo, Club BlinQ, the Albert Guyp and Club Air. Hari only broke his silence in two instances. Firstly during the treatment of the "Sensation case", when he told the court that they were reading the statement he gave to the police incorrectly, according to him.

The second time was during the treatment of the Club Air incident. The club owner was assaulted by a "tall man" and pressed charges against Hari. On Tuesday Hari denies ever assaulting the man. "I really did not hit him. Maybe he thinks I did because he fell unconscious." Hari said.

He believes that the club owner is trying to frame him, something that would be reflected in calls between the club owner and Koen Everink, a previous victim of Hari's. "I find him a liar." When asked why he is choosing not to answer any questions, Hari stated that he has been destroyed by the press and does not wish to make any further contribution to the image created of him.

Hari was sentenced to 18 months in prison, six of which conditionally suspended, last year. Both Hari and the Public Prosecutor appealed against the ruling. The Public Prosecutor had demanded 4 years of prison against the kick-boxer. Hari obviously felt that his punishment should be lighter.

The court started hearing the case on Tuesday and has set aside three days for the entire appeal. The ruling is expected on October 29th. The whole saga surrounding the case against Hari can be read here. The court will also be handling the appeal in the case against co-defendant 37 year old Ferhat Y. He was acquitted last year.

The Public Prosecutor wanted a 20 month prison sentence for him.


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