Dutch PM: No criminal investigation into budget leaks

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Reporting by Jamahl Hokstam

Prime minister Mark Rutte says he simply see’s no value in conducting a criminal investigation into the recent leaked confidential budget information for Prinjesdag. According to the Prime Minister, such an investigation would be "as expensive as it would be fruitless".

This goes against the remarks made by SP parliamentarian Ronald van Raak. Van Raak wrote to the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, that with a leak of confidential information, a criminal investigation should be launched, according to newspaper AD.

Melanie Schultz , the the Minister of Infrastructure and Environment is also in favor of a criminal investigation being conducted, she mentioned to WNL on Sunday. According to the Minister, leaks do not always immediately mean a disaster, but if it continues without ramifications, dangerous pieces may end up on the streets in future.

Still Prime Minister Rutte, who also fell victim to foul play with his communication strategies being leaked, seems to be very optimistic. According to him, the main points were already announced this spring, and it would take too much time and effort to track down the sources of this leaked information.