Shoplifter tattooed with police logo busted with cops “on his heels”

Shoplifter with the police on his heels (Photo: Facebook/Politie Charlois). (Shoplifter with the police on his heels (Photo: Facebook/Politie Charlois))

The police arrested a shoplifter who has the police "on his heels" in Charlois, Rotterdam on Thursday night.

According to the police, the man was very cooperative and not at all shy to chat with the officers.

At one point he asked the officers: "To have the police on your heels, have you ever heard of that?" The officers told him that they had and he said: "I have that, quite literally."

When the officers asked him what he meant, he pulled up his trouser leg and his sock down and showed them a tattoo of the police logo on his heel. "I always have the police on my heels", he said.