Argentina arrests Dutchman over 8,500 ecstasy pill discovery

A 35 year old Dutchman was arrested in Buenos Aires, Argentina after 8,560 ecstasy pills were discovered hidden in a false bottom in his suitcase.  According to Argentinian newspaper Clarin, the Dutchman arrived at the Ezeiza international airport on Tuesday. Investigators told the newspaper that the man went to get his luggage after his flight, but became nervous and left with out it. He went to a hotel and called the airport, stating that he had forgotten to take his suitcase and asked that it be delivered to him. When the suitcase went through the scanner, the airport's customs personnel discovered the false bottom filled withe ecstasy pills. The 8,560 pills were divided into five bags and packed into three packages, wrapped in carbon paper. The Judiciary was informed and police went to arrest the man in the hotel. Once there they found him in the company of a Dominican man, who was handing over a large sum of money. The police believe that the Dominican man was buying the ecstasy. Both men were arrested.