Video: Fire wipes out hundreds of caravans near Schiphol

Damage caused by fire in caravan warehouse in Rijsenhout (Picture: Twitter/@PCIMeijer). (Damage caused by fire in caravan warehouse in Rijsenhout (Picture: Twitter/@PCIMeijer))

Hundreds of caravans went up in flames when a large fire broke out in a warehouse in Rijsenhout, near Schiphol airport. The fire department responded en masse, but could not save the building. No one was injured.

The fire broke out around 05:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning. The fire department declared a Grip 1 situation. Twelve homes had to be evacuated and 30 residents had to find shelter elsewhere.

After about two hours, firefighters managed to get the fire under control. Extinguishing the fire is expected to take several more hours. The situation was scaled down to Grip 0.

A spokesperson for the Kennemerland safety office told AD that no dangerous substances were released in the fire and no one was injured. Local residents are still advised to keep windows and doors closed and stay out of the smoke.