“Infertile” woman gives birth on toilet

It's a boy banner (Picture: Twitter/@BonannosInvites). (It's a boy banner (Picture: Twitter/@BonannosInvites))

A 44 year old woman gave birth to a baby boy on the toilet in her home in Scalkwijk, Haarlem last week Saturday. This came as quite a surprise, especially since she was told that she was infertile when she was 22 years old.

"My ovaries were not good. So I was totally not thinking that I might be pregnant", the new mother, Marielle, told the Haarlems Dagblad.

The brand new father, 47 year old Peter, told the newspaper that Marielle was not feeling well and went to the bathroom, where she spent at least 40 minutes. "I heard all kinds of moaning so I thought this is not good, but I did not think for a moment that she was giving birth", he said. At one point he heard a scream and went to check on her. "In the toilet I saw two hands and two feet and twoo eyes looking at me. I saw at once that a baby had been born. 'You had a baby' I said"

The baby boy was named Peter Gerrit Mattieu. He is doing well - a small miracle given the circumstances of his birth and the fact that his mom was smoking the whole time she was pregnant, and was still riding roller coasters at Walibi a month ago.

,,Ik kon helemaal geen kinderen krijgen."

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