Foodies warned of poor hygiene at Netherlands sushi places

Sushi platter (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/BrokenSphere)Sushi platter (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/BrokenSphere)

The sushi found at all-you-can-eat restaurants is often not fresh and not hygienically prepared, according to a study done by the consumer watchdog group Consumentenbond.

The association investigated 20 all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants and found that the quality of the food is quite poor. According to the association, there are two reasons for this. The sushi is stored for too long and kept in too high temperatures, and the staff do not follow the hygiene rules - they do not wash their hands often enough and use dirty boards.

The association found too much bacteria in 64 percent of the 160 portions of sushi they tested. In two restaurants, in Haarlem and Arnhem, they found too much bacteria in all the sushi they tested. In a sushi restaurant in Haarlem, the association found the E. coli bacteria. Only two of the 20 restaurants got an "acceptable" score at 5.9, the rest scored lower.

To help consumers choose a good sushi restaurant, the consumers' association has the following tips: Smell the sushi, if it smells like fish, it's not fresh. Look to see if the sushi ingredients are being kept in refrigerated displays. And if the sushi looks dry, it is not a good sign.

Food inspector Rob Geus is stunned by the Consumentenbond's findings. "To be honest, I am very shocked." he said in an interview with RTL Nieuws. "If only two of the 20 restaurants got a sufficient score, we really need to be careful."

According to him, the idea that getting an unlimited amount of sushi for a pittance should lead you to expect not-so-great quality, is ridiculous. "If you pay for food in a restaurant, you can always expect that it is hygienically prepared. Whether you're paying 17 or 35 euros for a sushi-arrangement, the base is that the food must be clean."


Restaurant City Total score Freshness (max. 5) Hygeine (max. 5) Sushi size Amount of filling
Itoshiii Hoofddorp 5.9 5 2 average average
You Hachi Hillegom 5.9 4 2 large average
Izumi Zandvoort 5.5 2 5 large slim
Hasekura  Heerhugowaard 5.4  2 4 average  average
Shabu Shabu  Leiden 5.4  4 2 average  average
Konya  Goes 4.2  1 4  average  average
Sushi Tokio  Weert 3.9  4 1  average  average
Sushi Today Amersfoort 3.5  2 2  average  average
Asian sushi boulevard  Tilburg 3.2  2 2  average  average
Sumo  Breda 3.2  2 2  average  much
Sumo  Den Haag - Prinsestraat 3.2  2 2  average  much
Sumo  Haarlem - Oude Groenmarkt 2.9  1 5  average  much
ParaPara Lelystad 2.8  3 1  small  much
Shabu Shabu  Haarlem 2.8  1 4  average  average
Moshi Moshi  Rotterdam 2.7  2 1  average  much
Tomoyoshi  Hoogeveen 2.6  1 2  large  average
Yoshi  Gouda 2.3  1 2  small  average
Shabu Shabu  Amsterdam - Rembrandtplein 2.2  1 1  large  much
Sushi Koi  Arnhem 2.1  1 1  small  average
Yume  Apeldoorn 2.1  1 1  average  average

Table data provided by Consumentenbond