Fake pathologist busted teaching at Police Academy

The Police Academy in Apeldoorn (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Apdency). (The Police Academy in Apeldoorn (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Apdency))

A 54 year old man used a fake university stating that he is qualified as a forensic pathologist and doctor to get a lecturing job at the Police Academy in Apeldoorn. He taught there for six months. The police arrested him on Wednesday.

The Public Prosecutor made this announcement. The only details released about the suspect is that he is 54 years old and from Bennekom.

The man worked as a supporting guest lecturer at the Academy between November 2014 and May 2015. He pretended to be a pathologist and doctor to get the job and during the lectures.

When suspicion arose about his competence, the man was asked to produce his original diplomas. The Public Prosecutor suspects that he submitted a forged document. The man's name also does not appear on the BIG register for medical professions.

The police and prosecutor are investigating whether the man had done the same thing at other places.