At least 1,300 Dutch jobs gone in Imtech bankruptcy

Imtech building in Rotterdam (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Gerd Fahrenhorst)Imtech building in Rotterdam (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Gerd Fahrenhorst)

At least 1,300 Imtech employees in the Netherlands will soon be unemployed due to the company's bankruptcy. The bankruptcy curators have been unsuccessful in finding someone who wants to take over the Dutch division.

On Tuesday morning both the Imtech Nederland division Building Services, which employs 1,200 people, and the holding of the Dutch branch, which employs 130 people, were declared bankrupt.

Imtech Building Services provided, among other things, technical application for building security, climate control and fire protection. These services have seen little growth in the Dutch market over the past few years. This, combined with the excessive backlog of Building Services, may be the reason why potential buyers are hesitant to take over.

The employees of Building Services were informed that their employment situation is still uncertain during trade union meetings on Tuesday evening. Bankruptcy curator Carl Hamm will examine whether any of Building Services' parts or projects can still be sold, saying that he will do his very best, but is not very optimistic.