Motorcycle gang members acquitted in forced prostitution case

Two members of motorcycle gang Satudarah were acquitted of sexual exploitation by the court in Almelo on Tuesday. 

The Public Prosecutor had demanded prison sentences of 28 and 15 months against the two, ANP reports. According to the prosecutor, the two suspects had exploited vulnerable women, suffering from addictions or mental problems, and forced them into prostitution.

The defense has always denied these charges. Wiretaps on phone conversations showed that the women were not coerced and worked as prostitutes willingly.

The judged ruled that coercion could not be proved and acquitted the two of sexual exploitation.

One of the suspects, 43 year old S., also faced charges of violent crimes. The judge found him guilty of three violent  crimes and sentenced him to 180 days in prison, 72 of which suspended. As the suspect had already spent time in custody, he will not go to jail.

The other suspect was found guilty of possession of soft drugs and sentenced to two weeks in prison. He was in custody for longer than that and will also not go to jail.