Dutch tourists beaten up in Berlin

RAW complex in Berlin (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Jonatan Schenk). (RAW complex in Berlin (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Jonatan Schenk))

Two Dutch tourists were beaten in Berlin by a group of fifteen people in a mugging that got completely out of hand during the early hours of Sunday morning.

According to the Telegraaf, the two tourists - both 19 years old, one from Amsterdam and the other from Leiden - were heading back to their hostel after a night out when they were confronted by a mugger near the cultural RAW-complex. The man tried to steal one of their bags, but did not succeed. He fled.

The two Dutchmen manged to grab hold of the attempted thief's partner. He called for reinforcements and within moments the tourists were surrounded by a group of about 15 people. The Dutchmen were beaten and sprayed with tear gas, according to the newspaper. One of the Dutchmen's wallet was stolen and the group dispersed, disappearing into the crowds.

So far the German police have made no arrests and are looking for witnesses. According to the German police, one of the suspects spoke a foreign language and the main suspect is a young man with an "Arab-looking appearance".

The two Dutch tourists were taken to the hospital with "significant facial and head injuries", the Telegraaf reports. They have since been released from the hospital and are back in their hostel.