Default router WiFi passwords easy to hack

Router (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Cariafraweb). (Router (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Cariafraweb))

The WiFi passwords on the most common routers in the Netherlands are very easy to hack. The default passwords set by the router manufacturers or internet service providers are a variation of the network address or serial number.

This is according to researchers at the Radboud University Nijmegen, Nieuwsuur reports. This includes routers provided by internet service providers KPN, Ziggo and Tele2.

Hundreds of thousands of Dutch people have a router with a built in modem in their home. If a hacker gains access to the router, they can access any device connected to the router. By installing malware, hackers can then access all documents on the device, read emails or even gain access to the user's internet banking.

The Radboud University researchers will be presenting their study at an international conference on cybercrime in Washington this week. "This is not just a Dutch problem. This is a global problem, the use of a personal password is important."

Ziggo, KPN and Tele2 told Nieuwsuur that they are aware of the problem. They advise customers to change the default password on their router to a self-chosen, secure password.