Boyfriend of murdered nurse devastated: “I was madly in love with her”

Linda van der Giesen (Photo: Facebook). (Linda van der Giesen (Photo: Facebook))

Linda van Giesen's brutal murder in the parking lot of the Tweesteden hospital in Waalwijk on Monday devastated her boyfriend Bas van den Muijsenberg. "I was madly in love with her", the inconsolable man told BN DeStem on Tuesday.

Their relationship was still new, Linda only broke up with her ex-boyfriend - the man her family and friends suspect is the perpetrator behind her murder - four weeks ago, Bas said to the newspaper. "Three months ago I met her for the first time. I knew that she still had a boyfriend then, but I already had the idea that she would be my girlfriend."

Bas had been sleeping on Linda's couch to protect her. This past three weeks the two of them were constantly together during their holiday. But on Monday Linda had to go back to work. "We were in contact several times on Monday, also called.", Bas said. Linda's last message to Bast was sent at 4:50 pm, shortly before she was killed. "She asked what we would eat."

Linda was shot and killed in the employees' parking lot at the Tweesteden hospital on Monday afternoon. Authorities received the first reports of the incident at 5:10 p.m. The perpetrator is still at large. A police spokesperson for the police told RTL earlier today that Linda had reported several threats recently.