Bandidos witnesses too afraid to testify

Bandidos (Picture: Twitter/@rathandsome)Bandidos (Picture: Twitter/@rathandsome)

Witnesses and victims in investigations into the criminal activities of members in the Limburg chapter of outlaw motorcycle gang Bandidos are refusing to give statements to the police because they are too afraid of repercussions.

This is according to 1Limburg on Friday, based on a comprehensive reconstruction of Bandidos related crimes in Limburg.

Some victims are so afraid that they are even refusing to report crimes or press charges. "I am so anxious for the whole organization behind the motorcycle club that I've decided not to press charges", a victim who the police believe the Bandidos extorted said to the police.

A number of witnesses, after reporting a crime, refuse to show up for questioning. In many statements witnesses talk about how afraid they are of the club. One witnesses even took his mother and left the country to get away from the threats.

Some indicate that they do not have confidence in the police and judiciary, even when it comes to protecting their privacy. Only one pressed charges by name and surname and upholds previous statements.

A spokesperson for the Public Prosecutor confirmed to 1Limburg that a number of witnesses are retracting statements because they are afraid. According to the spokesperson, this complicates the investigation, but has "no negative impact on the legal position in this matter".

On May 27th the police arrested 19 Bandidos members after raiding 25 locations. According to the police, the members of this club are involved in a number of illegal activities involving, among other things, weapons, drugs and intimidation.