Top legal team readied for cops accused in shooting cases

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The National Police is compiling a team of 25 top lawyers to represent police officers involved in a shooting. These lawyers will do a walk-along with officers and also receive shooting lessons so that they can "get the feel of the police profession". The corps wants officers to have the best legal help available.

National Police Chief Gerard Bouman said this to the AD on Thursday. "I want them to understant what it's like to shoot, what it's like to have to make a decision in a split second." Bouman said. He is not satisfied with the legal aid officers currently get.

On Wednesday the two police officers who fatally shot Mike Stok in Rotterdam in 2013 was . They did not receive a punishment, but were found guilty of manslaughter and attempted murder respectively.

Last month Ronald V., a police officer from Kerkrade, was sentenced to two years in prison for shooting a passenger in a getaway car. According to Bouman, this judgement shows that the lawyer had dropped the ball in this case. V. will be represented by a specialized police lawyer during his appeal.

The costs of the legal representation will be paid by the National Police. "I want to guarantee that only the best lawyers defend my people. And of course we will also critically look at ourselves if there is something wrong."