Escaped half-meter long lizard hunted in Noord-Brabant

Blue-tongued Skink (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Ltshears - Trisha M Shears). (Blue-tongued Skink (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Ltshears - Trisha M Shears))

Residents of Sint Willebrord has been warned to keep an eye out for an about half a meter long lizard that escaped from Kraaiendonk on Sunday. According to the police, the lizard is completely harmless, but can look quite frightening.

The animal in question is a blue-tongued skink, according to Omroep Brabant. Its skin is brownish gray and it has a striking blue tongue. This lizard lives on plants and small animals and is not dangerous to humans. The animal is mainly active during the day, hiding under rocks overnight.

The skink was last seen in the area of Kraaiendonk. If you see the reptile, please call the police on 0900-8844.