Report: UN Security Council to vote on MH17 tribunal next week


The United Nations Security Council will vote on the establishment of an UN tribunal to prosecute those responsible for the disaster with flight MH17 on July 27th, NRC reports. The vote was initially scheduled for this Tuesday, but was postponed for unknown reasons.

The countries involved in the criminal investigation into the downing of flight MH17 believe that an international tribunal will be the best way to get justice for the victims' families and that it would guarantee the independence and impartiality of the lawsuit. The Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, the Ukraine and Belgium therefore asked the UN Security Council to establish such a tribunal.

On Friday - on the one year anniversary of the tragedy - British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond stated that Britain supports the tribunal.

At this stage it seems very unlikely that the vote for the establishment of the tribunal will succeed. On Wednesday Russia, who has veto power in the Security Council, released an official statement saying that the country will block the tribunal. According to the country, such a tribunal will be "counterproductive". Russian president Vladimir Putin later reiterated the Russian position in a phone call with Prime Minister Mark Rutte.