Warning issued for hot, slow car rides to vacation spots

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With the schools in the Netherlands closing on Friday, the ANWB is warning holiday goers to take into account that they may deal with some extreme heat on their way to their holiday destinations.

Austria and the northern parts of Italy in particular are expected to be very hot on Friday and Saturday, with temperatures reaching up to 38 degrees. In Austria the warm weather may be coupled with heavy thunderstorms.

The ANWB also warns people traveling in and through Germany that the extreme heat has caused damage on the roads. A speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour has been set on some roads including the A3 between Neurenberg and Passau, the A5 between Karlsruhe and Basel and a number of highways around Munich.

The ANWB expects that in the Netherlands the routes to the south and east will be somewhat busier on Friday afternoon due to holiday goers. Long traffic jams are expected outside the country.