Netherlands wanted Guus Hiddink to stay

It seems that Guus Hiddink made the decision to resign as Oranje coach himself. KNVB director Bert van Oostveen told NOS that if it were up to the Football Association, Hiddink would still have been employed.

Hiddink announced that he wanted to take a step back after the European Championship qualifier against Latvia. He mentioned thinking about a role as "senior coach" while Danny Blind takes over the role of coach. Two weeks later, Hiddink left Oranje.

Van Oostveen told NOS that the KNVB was willing to discuss another division of roles. He also said that he always tries his best to keep people in the organization, including Hiddink. "It would obviously have been fantastic if we could have tied him to the development of Dutch football in any way."

The KNVB director would not say anything further on why Hiddink left or whether he was offered any other roles within Dutch football.