Six officials to be prosecuted for corruption

The Public Prosecutor will prosecute four Defense officials and two police officers for corruption in the procurement of thousands of police- and army vehicles, NOS reports.

This case also includes 41 other suspects - directors and account managers working for Volkswagen, Peugeot, Renault and a number of leasing companies that bribed the officials. The investigation into the companies is still ongoing. The Public Prosecutor will decide whether or not these 41 suspects will be prosecuted at a later date.

According to the Prosecutor, the companies gave perks to the officials, such as discounts when servicing their cars, free winter tires or even trips abroad, such as cruises on the Mediterranean Sea. The Prosecutor believes that these companies bought great influence in the tendering process with these perks. The contracts involved nearly 1,700 police vehicles, 1,300 military vehicles and millions of euros.