Dutch PM wants no ridiculous tales from Athens

Prime Minister Mark Rutte is not very optimistic about the European Union summit on the Greek debt crisis on Tuesday. During a parliamentary debate on the matter on Monday, the Prime Minister said that he does not want to hear any "rubbish stories" from the Greeks.

According to Rutte, the eurozone consists of strict agreements. "And if the Greeks are not willing to keep to them, it will stop." he said to the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, NOS reports. "i do not know how else we will get out of this. They must not come with rubbish stories." The Prime Minister said that it is now up to Greece to come up with a proposal, and the fewer tax increases and more reforms it includes, the better.

Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Minister of Finance and current Eurogroup chairman, agreed that if the Greeks are not willing to come up with additional measures, there will be no further discussions. "A monetary union requires that you stick to the agreements that you committed to each other. And if you do not, you go your own way." he said to the Kamer, adding that he hopes that the Greeks come to the summit with a solid plan.

VVD parliamentarian Mark Harbers believes that Greece has the future of their country's place in the eurozone in their own hands, and if they do not fulfill the conditions, a Grexit will be their own fault. PvdA parliamentarian Henk Nijboer thinks that Greece should remain a ember of the eurozone for economic, social and geopolitical reasons.

SP parliamentarian Arnold Merkies thinks that Dijsselbloem should step down as Eurogroup chairman, saying that he stands in the way of a solution. D66 parliamentarian Wouter Koolmees disagrees. He believes that resignation would not help, just as the cessation of financial aid to Greece would not help. In an interview with BNR on Monday, Koolmees called on the Netherlands to send humanitarian aid to Greece, should the problems in the country continue for another week.