PM Rutte: Netherlands to ask UN for MH17 tribunal

The Netherlands wants ask the United Nations to establish a tribunal to prosecute the suspects in the MH17 disaster. This proposal is supported by Malaysia, Belgium, Australia and the Ukraine.

The countries have submitted a request for a tribunal to the UN Security Council, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said during his weekly press conference, NOS reports. "Justice for the victims has been our top priority from the first moment. We are now asking support from the UN for creating an international tribunal", the Prime Minister said.

Russia is against the creation of a tribunal. In the Security Council Russia said that it is too early to think about how those responsible should be prosecuted. This should only be done after the final report on the investigation into the disaster is ready. As one of the 5 permanent members of the Security Council, Russia can block the tribunal with its veto.

According to Minister Bert Koenders of Foreign Affairs, this is exactly the right time to explore the option for a tribunal. "We want to explore this option before the final report is ready, because otherwise the discussions will quickly turn into politics." he said. "A tribunal b the UN gives great legitimacy and the best chance of prosecution. But it is not a guarantee and thus not the only option"