Underage prostitute's parents going after johns' wallets

The parents of the 16 year old girl involved in the Valkenburg compensation case are demanding compensation form their daughter's customers. According to their lawyer, Nino Pennino, they thereby hoe to send a signal to other people considering sex with a minor.  "If other clients of minors read that they can be prosecuted and would have to pay compensation, they might think twice." the lawyer said to the Volkskrant.

The now 17 year old girl's parents are demanding between 2,500 and 10 thousand euros in compensation per customer. The Public Prosecutor is prosecuting 29 of the men who had sex with the underage girl. They will appear in the court in Maastricht from next week Wednesday.

The compensation amounts are based on the categories used by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund, according to the newspaper. For human trafficking and sexual exploitation "without penetration" an amount of 2,500 in damages can be claimed. For the same offense "with penetration" the amount is 10 thousand euros.

According to Pennino, the parents, especially the mother, hesitated about claiming compensation for a long time. The mother felt that it would be "bad money" and they should stay away from it. But she eventually decided to claim damages because of the signalling effect it would have.

The parents want to use part of the money to take care of their daughter's future and donate the rest to a good cause, such as groups looking after the interests of victims of pimps. "They want to do good with this dirty money", the lawyer said.

The 21 year old Armin A. is seen as the main suspect in this underage prostitution case. The Public Prosecutor views him as the pimp and demanded a 3 year prison sentence against him for inciting a minor into prostitution. The court will rule against A. on Thursday.